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Please, I need your help!

Hey guys, I don’t do stuff like this, ever really, and even reblogs would be nice! Just to get the word out. This kid is an awesome guy and has been a family friend since I was a wee lass. 

He was my brother’s best friend, and is just a really decent guy, and has never hesitated to do anything for my mother and I, or my family. If you could even take the time to reblog this as a signal boost, it would be much appreciated.

Join us in raising money for Kevin’s medical treatment of Crohn’s Disease. Please show your support by donating today!

If you have ever been blessed to meet Kevin you will know that he is a funny, kind hearted, outgoing man that would do anything for anyone but never ask for help. That is where we can all come in and help emotionally and financially.

We want to help our best friend Kevin Glem who was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and precancerous polyps. In addition to receiving this horrible news at the age of 27, because of preexisting knee conditions, he is having trouble getting insurance. So he will need financial help to afford any upcoming procedures. All funds received will be applied to miscellaneous medical expenses and follow up treatments.

Please show your support by donating today!

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you,
Kevin, Kim, Jimmy and Amy

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